Monday, July 25, 2016

American Girl Dollhouse

  A few years ago, my daughter was obsessed with American Girl Dolls. Every birthday or Christmas she would ask for dolls, doll furniture, doll clothes and accessories - anything that was doll related. Eventually all of the doll things started taking over her room! My husband and I had seen a couple different DIY dollhouse on Pinterest, but nothing big enough to house all of her dolls (over 20) and all of her doll stuff. We decided to try and build our own, so off to Home Depot we went. It took us two days and lots of work, but we were able to build her a dollhouse that was over seven feet tall and six feet wide.

The dollhouse has seven rooms and an attic for extra storage. We did the flooring and painting or wallpaper different in each of the rooms. We were even able to build little doorways between the rooms.

Eventually my daughter was able to get all of her doll furniture and accessories into the house. She did a quick tour of the finished product on YouTube. Check it out below :)

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