Friday, July 22, 2016

Epcot Behind The Seeds Tour

  I often get asked about different tours and events at Disney World. Last year we were able to attend the Behind The Seeds Tour at Epcot. This informative tour takes you behind the scene of Epcot's "Living With The Land". You get to see close up and first hand how Disney grows the food that is served not only at The Land Pavilion Restaurants, but at different locations all over the Walt Disney Resort.

The tour is an hour long walking tour through 4 of Disney's greenhouse environments, as well as a tour of the fish farm. The tour allows an up close look at the unique growing techniques that are taking place at Epcot. You will also get the opportunity to taste some of the delicious produce. It was a very engaging and educational tour!

How do I book the tour?

This tour runs 8-10 times a day and they do allow same day reservations if space allows. However, I highly recommend booking your tour ahead of time. Booking is easy! You can contact the Disney reservation line via telephone and book your tour with a representative. Current tour prices are $20 per adult and $16 per child (* Annual Pass holders may be eligible to receive a discount on tour prices*). Booking ahead of time guarantees your spot and allows you to plan the rest of your day around your tour time.

Things to know before you go...

 - Make sure to ride the Living With The Land ride prior to your tour. This will give you an overview of the greenhouses and program you are getting ready to explore.

- Wear comfortable shoes because you are on your feet for the entire hour.

- If you have young children, try to book your tour earlier in the day when kids are fresh and not tired from walking the park.

- Look for hidden Mickeys while you are on the tour (you should be able to spot a few)

- Be prepared for your kids to want to buy some seeds and plants to bring home and grow.

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