Sunday, July 17, 2016

First Day of School 2016/2017

School has officially started around here! I know it seems a bit early, but we started back to school at the end of June after a six week break. The plan is to do school during the hot and crowded summer months, and enjoy some extra time off this fall and winter. The kids are entering 9th and 5th grade this year. We decided to splurge a little bit and buy the kids laptops this year since some of their curriculum requires them to do some research projects. We found some pretty nice looking and inexpensive laptops on amazon, you can find the link below. So far they work pretty well for what we use them for (typing up reports and doing some research). I am not sure how they would work for gaming or storing lots of pictures and files though. As we get into our curriculum I will post some reviews. Happy Schooling :)

Here is the link to the computers we bought:

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