Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jedi Training At Disney's Hollywood Studios

   This year my son was finally able to participate in the Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios! The training is free but you must have a ticket or pass to Hollywood Studios to participate. You have to arrive VERY early ( I recommend getting there before the park opens because Hollywood Studios typically opens up its gates about 15 minutes ahead of schedule) and head to the Jedi Training Sign Ups (follow the signs but it is typically at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost). We arrived right before the park was scheduled to open and there was already a HUGE line for the Jedi Training. Make sure everyone who is participating is with you because the participant must be present in order to register. They run shows every 30 minutes starting around 10am until shortly before the park closes, the earlier you arrive to sign up, the earlier time slot you can get. We were given a time slot of 1:40pm.
  After you have signed up for your time slot you are free to roam the park. You have to be back at the same place you checked in 20 minutes prior to your show time (for us that was 1:10pm). They line all the kids up and get them robes to wear. Once everyone is checked in and everyone has a robe you will all walk together to the stage in front of the Star Wars ride for their show. Note: A parent or guardian does need to stay with the child while they walk over to the stage BUT I do recommend having someone else from your group head over to the stage early and get a good spot to take pictures.
  Once they are over at the stage each child is given a Light Saber (not to keep) and they are taught some basic Jedi moves. Each show is a little bit different, sometimes Darth Vader is the person they are defeating, sometimes it is Kylo Ren and even the Seventh Sister Inquisitor. After their group training each child will get to "battle" the evil force one on one.
  If your child is a Star Wars fan I HIGHLY recommend making the time to do this! It is good for both boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 12 (you know your child best  - some 4 year olds may be scared by the realistic nature of the show).

Here is a little clip of my son battling Darth Vader -

Let me know if you have any other questions about the show that I might be able to answer!

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